Mediation and Collaborative Practice

Conflict is a natural occurrence in life. Unattended conflict reduces quality of life. As a family mediator mediator, Liz helps individuals resolve their conflict through organized negotiations, which focus on pragmatics and solutions. Liz helps clients identify common ground and find creative ways to resolve their conflict.

Liz has helped couples going through separation/divorce resolve disputes such as child arrangements, scheduling and parenting plans before, during or after a separation or divorce.

Liz has a specialization in elder mediation and intergenerational conflicts. She helps families solve disputes pertaining to an aging parent’s medical treatment, housing arrangements and/or financial management. In these situations, Liz is able to facilitate open communication and active listening among family members, essential elements required to build constructive resolutions.

Collaborative Practice is a multi-disciplinary approach to assist people going through separation/divorce to resolve their property, support, and parenting issues in a respectful and supportive manner without going to court. With the assistance of lawyers, financial, and family professionals, Collaborative Practice offers the opportunity to bring the right expertise to the table to guide and inform the parties throughout the divorce/separation process. The results are legally binding agreements that resolve the outstanding issues.

As a Family Professional Liz can help in the following ways:

  • Help to develop effective communication skills and set new boundaries with your former partner.
  • Improve and restructure your communication.
  • Help to identify and clarify the needs and interests of each person.
  • Provide information and education about separation and the impact of conflict on children.
  • Assist with telling the children about the decision to separate and develop a schedule to clarify when and how each parent will spend time with them moving forward.
  • Clarify the expectations of each parent with respect to handling the day-to-day responsibilities for the children’s health, educational and extra-curricular needs by helping to develop a parenting plan.