Interacting with a professional counsellor is a way to understand obstacles, to obtain support and to devise productive solutions.

Individual Counselling

Liz’s individual counselling sessions are customized to minimize psychological pain, reinvigorate health and stimulate personal growth. Liz teaches clients to reframe their challenges, to discover new coping skills and to carry out positive behaviours, which enrich their lives.

Individual counselling sessions tackle a variety of issues including:

  • Concerns related to home, work, health, and/or relationships
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Negative emotions, thoughts and behaviour
  • Making positive changes towards personal and professional growth
  • Burnout and stress management
  • Procrastination and indecision
  • Life transitions or crisis
  • Low self-esteem
  • Work/life balance
  • Wellness counselling
  • Chronic pain management

Couple Counselling

Liz’s couple counselling sessions are designed to re-open the lines of communication in order to uncover and resolve the underlying problem(s) between the couple.

Couple counselling sessions have assisted couples in the following areas:

  • Manage conflict
  • Improve communication and build intimacy
  • Build common values, goals and beliefs which are shared as a couple

Family Counselling

When one person in the family has a problem, it can affect the whole family. Liz’s family counselling sessions are structured and facilitated to enable all members of the family to understand the problem and to encourage the entire family to work together to make positive changes.

Family counselling sessions have helped families address a variety of issues including:

  • Anger
  • Mental or physical illness
  • Depression
  • Parent-child conflict

Elder Services – Intergenerational Counselling/Mediation and Life Transition Planning

Many families are dealing with life transitions, such as caring for aging parents. Liz is skilled at supporting and empowering families to navigate elder care issues by identifying challenges and developing tailored solutions.

Liz has helped families cope with many elder care concerns including:

  • Housing options
  • Health issues and care alternatives
  • Intergenerational conflict
  • Succession planning of family business
  • End of life planning
  • Estate planning